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Information About Westside Facilities Master Plan Available
Information about proposed changes and improvements to Westside Community Schools facilities master plan is now available. A majority of this information comes from DLR Group, the Omaha architectural firm hired by the District to assess our facilities. This information was released over the course of two Board of Education meetings in March. We would like your comments and questions about this process. Please click here to make a comment or to ask a question.

DLR PowerPoint Presentation to the Westside Board of Education (March 10)
DLR Report on Facilities Conditions to the Westside Board of Education (March 10)
DLR Executive Summary Report to the Westside Board of Education (March 24)
DLR PowerPoint Presentation (March 24)
DLR Educational Adequacy Scorecard (March 24)
DLR Cost Summary (March 24) 
Video of March 10 Board of Education meeting
Video of March 24 Board of Education meeting
List of Members of the Westside Community Schools Facilities Task Force

In addition to all this information, click here to view a series of reports on demographics, enrollment projections, statistics and stories about Westside Community Schools

Welcome to
Oakdale Elementary

Outdoor Classroom Planting
Students from all grade levels at Oakdale have had the opportunity in the past month to help in planting in the Outdoor Classroom Garden.  From cucumbers to peppers, students had a wide variety of options to choose from in deciding what to plant for their class.  Pictured here are sixth graders helping their second grade buddies plant cucumbers.  
2nd Grade Presents "Charlotte's Web"
On Tuesday, May 20th, Second Graders in Mrs. Bruning's class got to experience performing in front of a live audience as part of a Reader's Theater.  Parents, friends, and family all were able to watch as these second graders performed Charlotte's Web by E.B. White.  The students were able to practice their fluency, speaking, and acting skills as they performed this classic story.  
Westside Seniors visit 6th Graders
On Monday, May 19th, Oakdale 6th grade students received a visit from a group of Westside Seniors who were alumni of Oakdale Elementary.  These amazing seniors took time to come talk to the 6th grade students about experiences they had at Oakdale, their middle school and high school experiences, as well as provided tips to students on how to handle bullying.  It was a great opportunity for the 6th graders to have a chance to ask questions about what to expect as they move on from Oakdale, and the seniors did a great job providing insightful answers.  The seniors were even able to enjoy a recess with the 6th graders after finishing up sharing their expertise!  
Oakdale Fun Run
On Wednesday, May 14th, the students and staff of Oakdale participated in the annual Fun Run. The weather was perfect, and it was a great opportunity for everyone to get a chance to exercise.  At the end of the run, the students were rewarded with a popsicle to help them cool down!  Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make this event successful.  
Poets Visit Second Graders!
As part of their studying of genres in reading class, second graders at Oakdale received a special visit from Poets of the Nebraska Writer's Collective.  These tremendous writers spoke to the second graders, as well as performed poetry for the students.  The group wrapped up by helping lead a poetry-writing activity for the students.  Having a visit from professional poets was an exciting learning opportunity for all the students!  
Oakdale Spirit Week!
During the week of April 21st through 25th, Oakdale had a great time celebrating their annual spring Spirit Week!  This week was highlighted by having a different theme for the students each day.  The different days chosen this year were Change Your Name Day, Twin/Triplet Day, Wacky Wednesday, Neon/Tie-dye Day, and Oakdale Spirit Day.  Student Council raised over $760.00 through donations that will be put to T-Shirts worn on our Triple B Field Day.  Click Here For Additional Images.
Star 104.5 Teacher of the Week
A big Oakdale CONGRATS goes out to Katie Mason!! She is this week's Star 104.5 Teacher of the Week!
They surprised Mrs. Mason and her class Tuesday morning with an award and lots of goodies!  They played the story on the radio Wednesday morning and hopefully it will be on Channel 3 Friday (April 25) morning between 5 and 7.
Way to go Katie!!
Kindergarten Music Program
Tuesday, April 22, was the kindergarten music program. Mr. Huntley set up the program to represent a typical day in the music classroom.  He explained to the audience how the songs, activities and routines allow him to teach various music concepts and indicators. The students did an amazing job singing, dancing, and playing instruments. It was a fun night for everyone!

Week of the Young Child!
During the week of April 7th through April 11th, Oakdale is celebrating with their littlest Tigers to help honor the "Week of the Young Child!"  These young students work very hard during the year, and this week is a great chance for students of all grade levels at Oakdale to work with them and see how much they have learned.  Pictured here are Sixth Graders reading and working together on the Ipads with pre-school students.  
1st Grade Researchers!
During the past few weeks, first graders at Oakdale have put on their "researcher" hats and have been gathering information on an animal of their choice.  The students are using this information that they have gathered to help them create their own non-fiction book about their chosen animal.  Pictured here are some first grade researchers hard at work!  
3rd Quarter Triple B Assembly
On Monday, March 10th, Oakdale students and staff celebrated their 3rd Quarter successess with an action packed assembly.  The students were treated to an award-winning teacher rendition of "What Does the Fox Say", and then followed that up with cheering on members of the Westside High School Soccer team as they showed their skills. Students that had their High Fives selected then were able to participate in some intense training with the team!  Great job Oakdale, and continue to follow our Three BE's! Click Here for Additional Images
Oakdale Celebrates Read Across America
On Monday, March 3rd, Oakdale celebrated National "Read Across America" Day in their classrooms.  This day is celebrated in America (This year on Sunday, March 2nd) because it helps recognize the birthday of beloved Author, Dr. Seuss.  Oakdale students had a wonderful time dropping everything as a school at 11:00 a.m. and reading, and also enjoyed listening to Dr. Seuss stories during their lunch time!  
Oakdale in the 80's
On Tuesday, February 25th, Oakdale Students traveled back in time to the 80's.  The students were able to enjoy this "rad" 80's day thanks to the efforts they provided in donating to the Student Council's "Pennies for Patients" fundraiser. It was a very "righteous" day at Oakdale!  Click Here For Additional Images
Oakdale Speech Contest
This past week, eight selected 6th graders presented speeches to an audience of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students, as well as parents.  Of these eight presenters, the top presenters for 2014 were Josh Siegel, Sean Sindt, Emma Miller, and Hunter McKay.  Josh will represent Oakdale Elementary at the district speech contest on Friday, March 7 at the CC Building.  All presenters did a great job, and best of luck to Josh!  
6th Grade Presents "Night of the Notables"
On Tuesday, February 18th, many heroes came to life at Oakdale Elementary, as part of the 6th Grades annual "Night of the Notables."  These Sixth Graders have worked very hard on this research project, and brought their characters to life in the form similar to a Wax Museum.  This project culminates the hard work these students have put in, and all the proceeds will benefit this years Community Service Project!  Great Job Sixth Grade! Click Here for Additional Images  
This past week, all Oakdale students were able to take part in a presentation called "RESPECT". This program taught the students about bullying, and gave them insight into what it can look like and what they can do to help prevent it.  The presenters did a great job of helping Oakdale students see the effects of bullying, and gave them useful tips to apply to their lives to help stop bullying in the future.  
Valentine's Day 2014 at Oakdale
On Friday, February 14th, students at Oakdale took part in their annual Valentine's Day parties.  There were many games and activities across all grade levels, and the students enjoyed being able to participate in this fun-filled afternoon with their classmates! Please Click Here For Additional Photos
2014 Oakdale Talent Show
On the last Thursday night in January, Oakdale Elementary was lucky enough to be able to host many talented students as part of the Oakdale Talent Show.  These Oakdale students were able to show off their wonderful talents to the crowd, and their performances earned them high praise.  It was great to see all of these wonderful acts, and thank you to all of the students who were brave enough to shine on the stage!  Please Click Here For Additional Photos
Hibernating with a Good Book
On Thurday, January 30th, the students in grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade at Oakdale took part in "Hibernating with a good book".  The students have become such great readers throughout the year, and they were able to find some special time to really create a unique personal time to read.  It was a great time for all of the students who participated, and they enjoyed this special reading hibernation.  Please Click Here For Additional Photos
100th Day of School Celebrated
This past week, students from Oakdale celebrated their 100th day of school.  Many activities were done to help celebrate this day, including working with buddy classrooms and writing pieces for the future of "When I am 100 years old." Pictured is Mrs. Mason's class taking their 100th day photo!  Click here for additional photos. 
On Wednesday, December 11th, all Oakdale students were treated to a wonderful presentation titled CAPOW (Chemistry and Physics on Wheels). Dr. Dan Sullivan wowed the crowd many times during the presentation, and tested many different exciting experiments and activities for the students to observe. This presentation was a great kick-off to getting students interested in the Oakdale Science fair.   
Oakdale Geography Bee 2013
On December 4th, ten Oakdale students participated in the 2013 Oakdale Geography Bee.  The students qualified through an online qualifying test given to students in 4th through 6th grade.  Congratulations to Kolby B. who placed first!  Kolby will take another test with hopes of advancing to the state competition!  Congratulation also to Ava V.G. who placed second, and to all qualifying contestants.  Good luck Kolby!  
Dr. McCann reads to Oakdale Students!
On Monday, December 2nd, Dr. McCann made a visit to Oakdale to take part in a read-aloud to three different grade levels. Students from kindergarten, 3rd, and 6th grade all took part in their own read-aloud time with Dr. McCann as the special guest reader.  Pictured is the 6th grade classes with their special guest reader.  We greatly appreciate Dr. McCann taking the time to work with the students of Oakdale!  
Activities for Ava
On Wednesday, November 27th, the Sixth Graders of Oakdale hosted kindergarten, first, and second graders for a morning of activities.  The morning was called "Activities for Ava", as this is part of the community service project that the sixth grade is taking on this year.  These activities helped raised money for the project, as well as provided an active morning for everyone involved.  
Learning with Oreos!
This week, the 6th grade students were able to do some hands-on learning in Science class with a delicious treat. The students are currently studying the Moon Phases, and the Oreos helped the students have a visual of what these moon phases appear as in the sky.  After working hard to learn these phases, the students capped it off by eating their visuals!  
Henry Cole Visits Oakdale!
On November 13th, Oakdale students were lucky enough to receive a visit from Author and Illustrator Henry Cole.  Mr. Cole spoke about his childhood experiences in developing his love of illustration, as well as the writing process he goes through. Students were able to learn about the writing process Mr. Cole went through to become an author, and also observed his illustration skills first-hand! 
Veterans Day 2013
On Monday, November 11th, Oakdale Elementary paid tribute to the many men and women serving our country from the various branches of the Armed Forces.  As part of our tradition, Oakdale put on a wonderful Veterans Day Breakfast. Members of our school's band played a patriotic medley of military music, and the Boyscouts shared a formal presentation of the flags.  Thank you to all who came out to recognize our heroes!  
Oakdale Spelling Bee 2013
On Wednesday, November 6th, the Oakdale Spelling Bee was held in the library.  There were 15 qualifying students from grades four, five and six.  Congratulations to our school winner Ava Steele and Max Zweiback, who placed second.  Ava and Max will move on to the Westside District Bee as a result of their success.  Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the Bee, and good luck to Ava and Max!  
Firefighters Visit Kindergarten
The kindergarten classes have been learning about fire safety.  On Friday, they had a special visit from the fire department.  The kids got to meet real firefighters, see their gear and get a turn inside a real firetruck!
Towl Park Adventure!
This past Thursday, Oakdale's second grade class and some wonderful parent volunteers took a walking field trip to Towl Park. The Second Graders took on a great responsibility by helping clean up the land pollution, or litter, in the park.  This trip helped connect the Science indicators to real life experiences, as well as provided a great community service project for the class.  The second graders also had time in the park to enjoy a wonderful lunch!  
First Quarter Triple B A Success!
The first Triple B celebration at Oakdale for the 2013-2014 was a very CHEERful celebration.  Oakdale Students celebrated their High-Five successes by joining with the Westside High School Cheerleaders to show their spirit.  The students were able to participate in some exciting cheers, and some students were lucky enough to have their names drawn to participate in the High-Five activity.  Ms. Duncan was kind enough to lead the students through a session of Yoga to help them celebrate their success.  Congratulations to all of the students who took part in this after having their name sdrawn, and to all students for helping make the 1st Quarter at Oakdale a great one!
Pizza Time for Oakdale 1st Graders!
Last week, the first grade classes of Oakdale got to spice up a writing assignment by creating a pizza project.  The students worked on this pizza project to help them improve on their periods and spaces in their writing.  Writing class turned out to be a real treat in 1st Grade!  
Food, Fun and Yoga
The Oakdale community gathered together for a night of food, fun, and yoga in the outdoor classroom!  Whole Foods provided a salad dinner, and then families and teachers participated in a yoga class taught by Miss Duncan.
Learning About Weather
KETV Chief Meterologist Bill Ranby came to visit the Oakdale first-graders on Sept. 12. First-graders have been learning about the weather and temperature during math and calendar time. Ranby did several experiments that taught the students about various weather elements.

Buddy Time

After spending time getting to know each other, second graders in Ms. Duncan's room and sixth graders in Mrs. Schmitz's room spent some time reading to each other in the outdoor classroom. 
Welcome from the Oakdale Staff!

Students and staff members of the Oakdale community enjoyed a great start to the 2013-2014 school year. Both new and old faces joined in welcoming students back into the classrooms. We look forward to working together with our students to help Oakdale have another fantastic school year! 


The Westside Community School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, color, age, national origin or disability.
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